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High Beeches Newsletter 11.05.12

High Beeches Newsletter 11.05.12

Thank you to everybody who supported the Book Fair. I am very pleased to say that over £325 was raised in commission for the school which we will use to purchase new books.  Thank you to Mrs Savage for organising the Fair and to all of the staff who helped out.

Thank you to those who attended the EYFS Cake Sale and to all of the members of FoHBs for organising this event. £88.55 was raised.

Apologies, Learner of the week has been omitted from the last newsletter. Here are this weeks and previous Learners of the Week.
Well done to the Learners of the Week, we are very proud of you all.
w/b 16th April 2012
EYFS       William Masters – pushing himself to improve his handwriting                                                             
Yr 1         School outing
Yr 2         School outing
Yr 3         Eiyah Stephen – pushing herself to concentrate
Yr 4         Mariette Hancock – pushing herself to learn times tables
Yr 5         Tim Lewis- Lim – pushing himself in all lessons since the start of the term
Yr 6         Paras Shah – ‘I know that pushing myself makes me better at things’
w/b 23th April 2012
EYFS       Chloe Sayle – pushing herself with her writing skills                                                 
Yr 1          Thomas Wellham – pushing himself with writing and phonic skills
Yr 2         Talia Russell – pushing herself to answer questions in class
Yr 3         Oscar Ryan – continually pushing himself in maths
Yr 4         School outing
Yr 5         Isabel Heneghan – for knowing how to push herself and who to ask for help
Yr 6          Rowan Robinson – pushing herself to improve her maths
w/b 30th April 2012
EYFS       Daniel Batchelor – pushing himself to write unaided                                                               
Yr 1          School outing
Yr 2         Toby Sayle – pushing himself to improve his writing
Yr 3         James Moffat – continually pushing himself in maths
Yr 4         Daniel Clark – pushing himself to make his work more presentable
Yr 5         Olly Scinaldi – pushing himself to do the best historical sketch he could do at the British Museum
Yr 6          Ali Juma – pushing himself to improve his times table knowledge
I hope that you all have an enjoyable weekend.
Paul Driver

Letters sent home
8/5/12 – Yr 4 Zoo visit
9/5/12 – Yr 6 V and A Museum visit
10/5/12 – Yr 3 and 4 football tournament
Attached with the newsletter (electronic version) Luton Hoo Walled Garden children’s book festival

Pupil Success
Congratulations to the following pupils:
Madeline Roy (Yr 2) who achieved a bronze medal at an U9 Squash Tournament
Mariette Hancock (Yr 4) who has passed her Level 7 swimming award
Liberty Hancock (Yr 2) who has passed her Level 4 swimming award and achieved a merit in her Primary Ballet exam.
George Kershaw (Yr 5) will be representing St Albans District in the 2012 Herts Primary Swimming Championships this Friday 11th May. He will be part of a team of 32 swimmers in years 5 & 6 from the district to compete in this event. In 2011, St Albans District won this event the first time in 7 years

Show Choir Day
Places are available for Years 4,5 and 6 for the Show Choir Day organised by Herts Music Service. The day will be held at St Albans School of music on Thursday May 31st from 9.30am– 3.30pm. No experience is necessary and there will be a ‘Glee’ style performance at 2.45 pm to which parents and carers are warmly invited. 
Applications are available in the school office, closing date is the 24th May 2012

Junior String Day
St Albans Music School is running a ‘Junior String Day’ for violin, viola, cello and mini bass players of Grade 1 standard and above on Wednesday 13th June 2012. The event will be held in the main hall of the school from 9.30am – 3.30pm. The cost of the day is £15. Parents/carers are invited to a short concert at the end of the day. For more information pick up a form at the school office.

Safe Sleeping
The Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) has launched a safe sleeping campaign to highlight the dangers of sleeping with your baby.
300 babies in the UK die suddenly and unexpectedly in their sleep every year as a result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS); commonly known as cot death. In Hertfordshire, nearly a third of these types of deaths could have been avoided.
The safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot, moses basket or crib in your room. Although we don’t always know what causes many sad, unexpected deaths, it has been proven that if the parent is a smoker, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or just very tired, falling asleep with their baby significantly increases the risk of sudden infant death.
Following good advice does not guarantee the prevention of sudden infant death, but there are a number of things parents and carers can do to reduce the risks to their baby:
• The safest place for a baby to sleep for the first six months is on its back in a cot, moses basket or crib in their parents’ room
• It is dangerous for a baby to sleep in a normal bed or on a sofa or armchair
• Babies should be placed on their back on a firm mattress, with their feet at the bottom end of the cot
• They should not be allowed to get too hot - an ideal room temperature is between 16-20°c
• Babies should be protected from second hand smoke - mothers should not smoke during pregnancy and people should not smoke in the house.
Dr Hilary Angwin, Public Health Consultant for children, NHS Hertfordshire. said: “Losing a child this way is a terrible tragedy. We should all do everything we can to reduce the risk of this happening. As the campaign highlights, drinking alcohol, smoking or any drug use adds unnecessary risks. I hope people take note of these messages and that this campaign saves lives not only in Hertfordshire, but across the country.

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