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Newsletter 23.3.12

High Beeches Primary School Newsletter Blog Edition.
It has been wonderful to see all of the children in their ‘sporty’ clothes raising money for Sport Relief today. Good luck to Mrs Draycon, Miss Thomas and the thirty children joining them for the run on Sunday morning. Thank you to everyone who has supported the charity to date we have raised £227 thank you.

Spring has definitely been with us this week and it is fabulous for the children to be able to be back on the field. This does, however, lead to an increase in lost property as the children take off their jumpers and leave them on the field. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled. I will be putting the lost property out in the playground throughout next week so please take this opportunity to have a look through the items. At the end of the term the lost property bin is emptied ready to begin again!

On Tuesday it is our Eco Green Day and the Eco Council would like the children to come to school wearing something green. Every child has also been asked to bring in a book to swap with someone in their class, as part of a recycling initiative. Please remember the book should be age-appropriate and in good condition.

Last week’s Learners of the Week were not included in the newsletter, apologies. Here they are now:

Well done to the Learners of the Week, we are very proud of you all. w/b 13th March 2012
EYFS Marcus Shankland – concentrating on his handwriting skills
Yr 1 Freya Harris – concentrating and tuning out distractions
Yr 2 Tegan Hancox- giving full concentration when doing the class art mural
Yr 3 Annabel Drake – concentrating so achieving her best
Yr 4 Oliver Fish – concentrating and extra contribution to science and topic work
Yr 5 Fiona McArdle – knowing how to tune out distractions
Yr 6 Alex Sterling – searching for methods that help him to concentrate

Well done to the Learners of the Week, we are very proud of you all. w/b 20th March 2012
EYFS Millie Wilkins – concentrating on her writing skills
Yr 1 Ali – Akbar Shah - concentrating and tuning out distractions while presenting a talk
Yr 2 Lauren Mountain – concentrating on everything she does
Yr 3 Isabelle Methven – concentrating on all aspects of work
Yr 5 Abigail Roy – giving her full attention to her maths and challenging herself
Yr 6 Jamal Juma – always checking what is required to complete a piece of work

I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.
Paul Driver

Community Meeting Point collection

The School Council have decided to hold a collection for the charity Community Meeting Point. This is a charity which focuses on mental health care and it gives people who are ill a chance for work opportunities in a dedicated resource centre. The children would like donations of old clothes, shoes, bags and bric-a-brac in good condition to be brought into school. The School Council will then send the items to the charity. This event will be held on Monday 26th March.

FoHBs News
Forthcoming Events
Year 1 Cake Sale, Thursday 29th March
Reception Cake Sale, Friday 27th April
Summer Festival, Saturday 7th July
School Disco, Friday 13th July

New FoHBs members!
Thank you to all those who have already expressed an interest in joining FoHBs or helping at future events. For anyone else out there who is interested in helping in anyway, please leave your name and number in the FoHBs tray outside the office or speak to Fiona Ryan in the playground.

If you shop online please use the following to access most major stores. High Beeches receive commission for all your purchases. Thank you!

Sports News
The football team played St Nicholas on Wednesday. George Kershaw scored towards the end of a tight first half to give High Beeches the lead. High Beeches dominated the second half scoring three further goals. Final score High Beeches 4 St Nicholas 0. Man of the match Perry Hindle. Well done to all involved and thank you to all of the supporters for cheering the team on.
It has been a busy and successful week for our netball ‘A’ team this week. We played in the Harpenden School Rally and came third in our group, after some excellent games. Yesterday they beat Beech Hyde 10-7 in a closely fought match. Well done to all our netballers for a brilliant season and thank you to all our supporters. Our last club is on Monday and children are invited to bring refreshments for the end of the session if they would like to do so.

Catering Vacancy
We currently have an opportunity to join our dedicated catering team. Our school lunches are fabulous and we have one of the highest uptakes for meals in the County. We have a vacancy for a General Assistant to join our wonderful team. The vacancy is for 7.5hrs a week, 1.5 hrs a day. If you are interested in this post please speak to Mrs Nugent in the kitchen or to Mr Driver.

Gardening Club
I am sure that you will have noticed the planting that has taken place by the school entrance and the wonderful hanging baskets. Thank you to all of the parents/carers who have been involved with the Gardening Club particularly Mrs Miller, Mrs Beech, Mrs Snowden, Mrs Cadena-Lemus and Mrs Ellis.
Please remind children to be careful with the newly planted plants. They should not be touching plants in the tubs or jumping over the plants in the new borders near the front entrance. If you do have any spare plants you would like to donate to the school please speak to the school office.

Harpenden Plus Partnership News

Harpenden Plus Partnership have arranged a FREE parenting course for parents/carers of Special Educational Needs* Children aged from 5 to 15. This course will run for 7 weeks on a Thursday morning commencing on 17th May (excluding half term) from 9.30 to 1.30 at Sauncey Wood School.

If you are unsure whether this course is the right thing for you, we have arranged a workshop to be held on 3th May (9.30 - 11.30) which will give you a taster of the course. This workshop is also free.

*Special Educational Needs can include ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, a speech and language difficulty, hearing difficulties and much more. Your child does not need to have a statement of educational needs to attend this course

To register your interest in either of these, or to find out more, please contact Claire or Hobie on 07985 330941 or 01582 623676 or Booking forms will be sent to those people who have registered an interest after Easter and places will be allocated on first come first serve of return of the booking form and a £10 deposit. The deposit will be returned to you upon completion of the course/workshop. You do not have to attend the workshop to be able to attend the course. Any questions, or cases of financial hardship, please contact us in confidence.

Pupil Success
Congratulations to the following pupils:
Bethan Hancox (Year 2) who has passed both Level 5 and 6 British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards
Tegan Hancox (Year 2) who has passed both Level 5 and 6 British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards
Archie Taylor (EYFS) who has passed his 10M swimming award
Daniel Thomas (Year 1) who has passed his Level 7 British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards
Abbie Thomas (Year 2) who has passed her 10M swimming award
Lewis Poulter (Yr 3) who has passed his 200M swimming award
Jessica Poulter (Yr 1) who has passed her 25M and Tadpole 3 award
Freya Barker (EYFS) who has achieved her Silver Dance Certificate from the Penny Waterman School of Dance

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