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Newsletter 10.2.12

Newsletter 10.2.12 Blog Edition

Thank you to the number of parents who have passed on positive comments regarding the parking complaint letter which was sent with the newsletter last week. I have however; still received complaints this week about parents driving carelessly after dropping their children off in the morning. The new early drop off arrangements are a success but some parents do seem to simply drop their child off at the school gate and then speed away without a thought for the safety of others. The roads surrounding our school and The Crabtree schools are a 20mph limit. This limit is there for a reason.
After half term we will be publishing the licence plates of vehicles we witness parking inconsiderately or driving carelessly. I have resisted this final measure as had hoped parents/carers would pay attention to my previous pleas. Unfortunately they have not and I feel that we have no alternative in trying to resolve these issues in order to ensure the safety of our children.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the recent wintery weather. We always try to ensure a ‘common sense’ approach when making decisions around school opening and uniform. The snow was expected to freeze over Sunday night which is why a later opening was decided upon and a number of staff travel from outside of Harpenden to school. I believe that the children should be able to go outside and ‘enjoy’ the snow and being in non uniform enables the children to be warmer than in uniform. Please do ensure that all children have boots/wellies in school if the wintery conditions return.

Well done to the Learners of the Week, we are very proud of you all.
w/b 30th January 2012
EYFS Benjamin Crawford – trying new things to extend his learning

Yr 1 Jonas Michael –Cole – trying new things to extend his learning
Yr 2 Bethan Hancox – making a brilliant puppet for the first time
Yr 3 Ben Blackburn –trying any new maths topic with enthusiasm
Yr 4 Henry Huntley – trying new things enthusiastically
Yr 5 Ethan Cheung – knowing how to learn and always doing his best
Yr 6 Harry Faulkner – trying hard at new things

I hope that you have an enjoyable and safe half term break.
Paul Driver


Severe Weather
In the event of severe weather and the school is closed we will notify BBC Three Counties Radio (103.8fm / 95.5fm or 630mw/1161mw) and Heart Dunstable 97.6fm. The notifications will either be read on air or displayed on the radio station websites. We will also send out a text via our text messaging service. Alternatively the information for all schools will be linked to the home page of will obviously use our best endeavours to ensure that the school remains open.

Please ensure that all dogs are tied up to the tree by the staff car park gates. They must not be near the pedestrian entrances as they can scare some of the children. HCC does not allow dogs on school sites but I am willing to continue with the long standing arrangement as long as all dog owners abide by this.

FoHBs News
Thank you to all the children who took part in the Olympic Marathon wellie walk last Friday. Details of the total raised,
and of the prize winners, will follow shortly. Please return all sponsorship forms and money to the school office in a named envelope asap.
Date for your diaries:

High Beeches First Ever Comedy Night, Saturday 10th March –please order your tickets by Friday 24th February at the latest. Remember this event is not restricted to High Beeches parents only, please do encourage friends and family to come along too and enjoy this great night out. Additional order forms are available in the school reception area.

Infant and Junior Movie Night, Friday 2nd March– forms to be returned this Friday 10th February

Year 3 Cake Sale, Friday 24th February

Pupil Success
Congratulations to the following pupils:
George Kershaw (Yr 4) competed in a tennis tournament last Sunday and won the tournament
Daniel Thomas (Yr 1) who was awarded the ‘little kickers’ man of the match trophy at his football club

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers.
Sainsbury’s are launching their Active Kids vouchers during half term. We have collected these vouchers for a number of years in school, often achieving over 15,000 in total. These are used to provide sports and playtime equipment for the children and are invaluable in enabling the school to resource these areas. Vouchers are available from Sainsbury’s stores, petrol stations and with online grocery orders between 15th February and 10th April. Collection boxes are near the school office. Please do bring in any tokens that you receive and encourage family members and friends to donate their tokens to the school.

Late Arrivals to School
If you arrive late, you must come via the school office to sign your child in. Children have been told not to open doors for people who are late and we respectfully ask adults to do the same

Class Assemblies
This year classes will hold assemblies when appropriate to the topics. Each class will hold one assembly.
Year 2 Friday 24th February 10.30am
Year 1 Tuesday 28th February 10.30am

Tues 7.2.12 – mini tennis club
Tues 7.2.12 – Year 2 church visit

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