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Newsletter 14.10.11 Blog edition

Newsletter 14.10.11 Blog Edition
I have received a number of complaints about parking and the standard of driving demonstrated by some of the parents at the school. I had one report of a parent dropping off their child in the car and ‘speeding’ off down the road with no sense or concern that the area was full of children looking to cross the road. Please do park considerately around the school, drive carefully and consider the children’s safety. I do not want to report in this newsletter an injury or worse to one of our pupils on the roads. As a reminder; nobody should park opposite the school on the yellow markings at any time. There must be no parking opposite the disabled bay on the corner of the road, this causes double parking, restricts the flow of traffic and creates a huge risk to pedestrians. A speed limit of 20 mph should be adhered to on school days. I know that due to the volume of traffic on the roads parking can be difficult. Please do consider arriving earlier to school, parking further away and walking.
Next week is Walk To School Week, where all children will be encouraged to walk to school or park further away and walk. There will be an incentive for the class who makes the greatest effort.

Thank you to all of the children and staff involved in organising the MacMillan Coffee morning. £241 was raised for the charity. Thank you to all of the parents/carers who supported this event.

School ends at normal time (3.15pm) next Friday 21st October for half term. All children should be back in school on Monday 31st October.
Some of our older children have been allowed to bring in mobile phones to school. Please ensure that these are handed into the office every day before the beginning of school.

Well done to the Learners of the week, we are very proud of you all.
w/b 03.10.11
EYFS Freya Barker – Working hard to improve her presentation
Yr 1 Jack McDonald – Working hard to improve his writing
Yr 2 Oscar Cuthbert – Working hard to improve his reading
Yr 3 Jack Gibbs – Listening hard in order to improve
Yr 4 Millie Faulkner – Improving her work by checking for punctuation
Yr 5 Tommy Castellani – Finding ways of improving his learning on his own and knowing who to ask for help
Yr 6 Felicity White – Improving her speed and accuracy in times table recall
W/b 10.10.11
EYFS Romilly Tuckley – Working hard to improve her writing
Yr 1 Lorenzo Annecchiarico – Working hard to improve his writing
Yr 2 Jenna Heywood – Working hard to improve her writing
Yr 3 Anna Castellani – Always pushing herself to achieve and therefore improve her maths
Yr 4 Lily Snowden – Knowing how to improve her handwriting and then working hard to do so
Yr 5 Simran Basi – Improving her story opening in the style of Michael Morpurgo and working hard in maths
Yr 6 Grace Joshua - Massive improvement in mental maths calculations.
I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.

Paul Driver

FoHBs News
Thank you to everyone who supported the movie nights last week and to all of the helpers for all of their support. Friday 21 October: Year 6 Cake sale please support our monthly cake sale next week. Cakes will be available from 3.15 pm onwards, only 25p each. Many thanks

Pupil Success
Congratulations to the following pupils:
Neel Bhopal (YR 1) who was nominated ‘pupil of the week’ at his Jujitsu class
Aran Shamir (Yr 2) who was selected to represent Harpenden Colts in their 5 a side team at the Mid Herts football tournament
Jack MacDonald (Yr 1) who has achieved his Level 3 ASA National Swimming award
On Sunday, the 17th Harpenden Brownies participated in the Harpenden and Redbourn District 'Guiding's Got Talent' show which was held at The Public Halls. The girls gave a brilliant performance and won first place with their rendition of 'It's a Hard Knock Life' from Annie. Well done to Jemma George, Alice George, Lily Snowdon, Sophie Booth, Milly Faulkner, Rebecca Shield and Mary Kershaw

Lost clothing
Ben Blackburn in Year 3 has lost his school coat which is named. Please check that your child has the correct school coat. Please ensure that all items of school clothing are labelled including PE kits and trainers.

HarpendenPlus Partnership
HarpendenPlus Partnership have arranged the following parenting workshops for the Autumn term
Date Time Workshop Aimed at Cost Aim
Wed 2nd Nov 9.30 - 11.30 Developing Confident Children Parents/carers of children aged 5 - 11 £10 To enable parents/carers to help their children become more confident
Wed 9th Nov 1.00 - 3.00 Raising Teenage Girls Parents/carers of teenage girls £10 To enable parents/carers to maintain a good relationship with their teenager daughters
Fri 18th Nov 1.00 - 3.00 Raising Teenage Boys Parents/carers of teenage boys £10 To enable parents/carers to maintain a good relationship with their teenager sons
Wed 23rd Nov 1.00 - 3.00 Sibling Rivalry Parents/carers of children aged 5 - 11 £10 To enable parents/carers to manage the needs of siblings

Year 1 are asking if you could kindly dig deep into drawers and cupboards to help them with items for their themed Role-play area. They would be very grateful for donations of plain/themed bedcovers, curtains, rugs, large scarves/pashminas or fabric. We would also welcome dressing up clothes which older children may have grown out of, especially boys items. Any adult clothes made from special fabrics e.g. shiny, sequinned, striped, fluorescent etc that could either be adapted or added to the Art fabric supplies (we are running low!). Buttons and trimmings are always welcome too. Some classes are rather short on good quality games or toys for Golden Time & wet playtimes. Thank you!

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