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High Beeches Primary School Newsletter 23rd September 2011

High Beeches Primary School Newsletter 23rd September 2011 blog edition

I am very pleased to announce that the new High Beeches Primary school website is now live and I would like to thank Mr Ashman for all of his work in developing the site. It is fantastic. It will be regularly updated and will include the weekly newsletter on the blog in the news section. The calendar will be constantly updated to include all of the events this year. There are still some areas which need to be updated but please do have a look at the site.

Well done to the Learners of the week, we are very proud of you all.
The children from w/b 12/09 have been included in this newsletter apologies for their omission last week!
W/b 12. 09
EYFS Harriet Norris – Learning new routines
Yr 1 Will Drake – Getting on independently and making his maths a little better each time
Yr 2 Georgia Cross – Making changes to her work in order to improve it
Yr 3 Sam Crawford – For understanding how to improve his maths
Yr 4 Zac Sharp – For recognising what he could do to improve his maths
Yr 5 Jessica Nottingham – For recognising how to improve her presentation and her maths
Yr 6 Corey Fletcher – For improving his work independently

W/b 19.09
EYFS Ben Rodger –Improvement in all areas
Yr 1 Anastasia Herries – For getting on independently and knowing how to make work better
Yr 2 Joel Shankland – Trying to improve his writing with better connectives
Yr 3 Mary Kershaw – For recognising a mistake and how to improve it
Yr 4 Leila Coker – Understanding how to improve her work and working on it
Yr 5 Bo Bowra – Improving her maths and recognising her achievement on the class board
Yr 6 James Plumb – Improving and making adjustments to work

We have noticed a few parents/carers parking in the school car park before and after school. Please do not park in the car park; the car park is for staff only. Parents/carers must not use the car park. I have had concerns raised about parking and driving in and around school. The roads and pavements are very busy around the school in the mornings and afternoons. Please park considerately and take care when driving.

Infant children should be dropped off at the Yr 1 canopy in the morning. The cloakroom is not large enough for adults to enter with the children and we are constantly trying to promote independence. If you wish to speak to the class teacher please make an appointment at the school office.
I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.
Paul Driver

Learning logs
Next Friday each child in the school will be bringing home a Learning Log which we have introduced in order to address concerns over homework throughout the school. These are designed to support and reinforce the teaching that has taken place in the classroom throughout the week. For parents/carers, this will keep you informed about what your child is learning in school and offer the opportunity to support and further extend their learning. Learning Logs are a different way for your children to do homework, they will not replace existing tasks but will be completed alongside these.
They are not optional and should be completed weekly. The work is set on a Friday and should be submitted by the following Wednesday. Details of how the Learning Log is to be completed can be found inside the front cover. Learning Logs are used successfully in many schools in order to enable children to access homework at their own level and to be creative. We will monitor the impact throughout the term and look forward to a positive response

Pupil Success
Congratulations to the following pupils:
Thomas Huntley (Yr 6) who has passed his gold medal award for trumpet with excellence. He was also awarded the batsman of the year award for the U 11 Harpenden Cricket Club.
Corey Fletcher (Yr 6) Who was voted player of the week for the U 11 team at the OV’s rugby club

Netball club
There will be no netball club on Monday 3rd October as Mrs Draycon will be on a visit with her Year 2 class.

Board game club
Mrs Rogers (Yr 5 TA) will be starting a board game club after half term. If you have any unwanted board games in good condition we would appreciate any donations in order to add to our collection in school.

St Albans Cathedral Music Trust Competition
The competition is open to all young musicians in the St Albans Area, with four entry categories across Primary and Secondary schools: Solo Instrument, classical ensemble, vocal ensemble and popular ensemble. Winners will be invited to perform at a spectacular ‘celebration of music’ event in the Abbey on Saturday 5th May 2012. For an entry form please speak to Mrs Brannon in the school office. Entries must be received no later than 21st October 2011 forms can also be downloaded at

Please ensure that only fabric hairbands/ small hairclips in school colours are worn in school. We have also had to remind a number of children that hair gel should not be applied to hair for school.

Town Mayor Christmas Poster Competition
Attached to the newsletter are details of the poster competition. We have had a number of successful entries into this competition in recent years, many children across the town enjoy entering their artwork.

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